El Monte: Coyotes Spotted Near Homes And School

Shortly after midnight in El Monte, a group of two coyotes were seen roaming the streets near Valley Blvd and Ramona Blvd. They were seen crossing Valley Blvd, going through an alley, and onto the campus of the Columbia School. Eventually they left the school and ventured down the residential area on California Ave towards Brockway St.
Parents and Pet owners must take note as as coyote mating season kicks off in Los Angeles County. LA County Animal Services says January marks the beginning of their active season across the Southland and coyotes will be searching for extra food around this time. Animal Services also says that more rain in the region means the possibility of more sightings. Residents all throughout the Southland are asked to be aware of the possibility of Coyotes nearby and keep your pets indoors at night, secure trash containers, and refrain from leaving food or standing water outside. County or City Animal Services do not catch or relocate coyotes, but CA Fish and Wildlife will take note of particularly aggressive coyotes and relocate those. Residents are asked to report particularly aggressive animal life directly to CA Fish and Wildlife.