Drunk Driver Passed out Behind the Wheel Pomona

POMONA, CALIFORNIA – On November 22, 2020 Los Angeles County Fire Department were on their way back to their station when they came across a drunk driver that was stopped in lanes and passed out behind the wheel. Pomona Pd responded to the scene and immediately blocked the suspect in with a unit in the front and a unit in the back, and a third unit on the side so the suspect would not drive off. Officers banged on the suspects window multiple times and also turned on their air horn trying to wake the driver. The drunk driver woke up after about 25 minutes and started to push the gas pedal. The driver rolled down the window, officers reached in, unlocked the door, pulled out the suspect, and then took him into custody before he could drive off. Firefighters and paramedics checked out the suspect at the scene but was not transported by ambulance but by police car.

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