Dog Escapes Quarantine, Gets Caught by 10 Cops

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5.17.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | CHINATOWN, Manhattan – A cute pitbull dog was caught after allegedly escaping quarantine. It happened at 6:30 am Sunday in the vicinity of Mott St & Canal St. 5th precinct units and a Lieutenant responded, blocked off traffic, surrounded the dog, and fed him. When they attempted to place a rope around him, he resisted. ESU was requested for the “loose pitbull”. Upon arrival, they attempted to capture him with the capture noose, initially with no luck. An ESU officer gained access to a door and got the pitbull to run inside, where he was trapped and placed in the cage. He was then placed in a police car momentarily then returned to the owner after they found him. Fostering pets during the pandemic has reached an all-time high. ABC7 reported “Last year at this time, Foster Dogs Incorporated received about 140 applications per month – that has risen to about 3,000”

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