Crazy Crash of Events Sends Man to Hospital | DOWNEY, CA 12.6.20


DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA – A man in a small Volkswagen Golf flew off the freeway as he was taking the transition road from the northbound 605 freeway to the northbound 5 freeway. The man drove down a dirt embankment and back up on the other side, he then crashed into the rear of the guardrail, sending his car airborne and landing perfectly on the shoulder of the transition. The man then got out of his car and began to walk back over into lanes and another collision occurred as he was hit by a passing motorist. A third vehicle slammed into the back of the vehicle that hit the pedestrian, however only the pedestrian that was hit was rushed to County USC for his injuries. CHP officers say the accident could have ended very badly however they also remind the public to remain inside your vehicle when on the freeways after a collision until officers arrive.