Construction Crane Drops Debris on Road | Midtown, Manhattan

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10.29.20 | by Adam | MIDTOWN, Manhattan – A weathervaning crane dropped debris on the roadway below, causing a 4-block radius to be shut down for safety. At 6:42 pm Wednesday at 111 West 57 St, firefighters responded to the 85-story building under construction above the Steinway building. A 10-60 “Major Emergency” response was transmitted. They found no crane collapse. Two 8-foot-long pieces of debris were found on the roadway. At 9:30 pm the Department of Buildings stated investigation is ongoing and the crane is stable. High winds & rainfall caused the crane to weathervane from Hurricane Zeta. FDNY transmitted the “probably will hold” around 11:14 pm. Around 2 am FDNY requested police for crowd control at West 57 & 8th Ave, probably due to civilians crossing the fire lines without any police presence.

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