*CAUGHT ON CAMERA* Anti Asian Insults & Slurs | BROOKLYN, NY

Video shows: Argument between woman and Asian man, her name calling him, insults, including “Chinese”, yelling at journalist for recording, and throwing a can of soda at him (not on video, but you can hear the impact) near the entrance of the store. Interview with victim.

GRAVESEND, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – An anti-Asian racist woman hurled racial insults at an Asian man regarding a dispute over boxes at a wholesale store. She also assaulted an Asian with a soda can after he was documenting the incident. It happened Tuesday at 3:51 pm at 1752 Shore Parkway (BJ’s Wholesale Club) within the confines of the 62nd Precinct. According to the victim, the dispute was about boxes being used to carry their groceries to their vehicles. The woman cursed out the Asian man including calling him Chinese. When another Asian intervened and called out her racist behavior she went after him with insults, making sexual demands, and threw a can of soda at him as he was going inside the store. This following the recent uptick in anti-Asian attacks and racism during the pandemic. (3.2.21)

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