BROOKLYN: Nail Salon Protest

FLATBUSH, Brooklyn – Black protestors stood outside Beautiful Red Apple Nail Salon Tuesday evening urging community members to stop spending their money on “racist” businesses.

“No Nails, no toes: these racist businesses got to go,” the crowd chanted.

Tuesday’s protest comes after viral surveillance footage showed a brawl between a client and an employee at the Happy Red Apple Nail Salon located in East Flatbush.

Police said the fight took place Friday night after customer Christina Thomas complained about the way her eyebrows were done. As a result, she refused to pay $5.

Manager Erica at Beautiful Red Apple Nail Salon, said her business isn’t affiliated with the other nail salon, adding they have separate owners.

The previous owner sold Beautiful Red Apple Nail Salon and bought Happy Red Apple Nail Salon, resident Eve-Lyn Williams said.

“They should have changed the sign,” Williams said, pointing at Erica.

Erica, who left the salon early Tuesday due to emotional stress from the protest, said Friday’s incident has made her lose clients.

Nevertheless, she plans to return to work Wednesday morning.

Video Journalist: Sherley Boursiquot