BROOKLYN: Mother Struck by Elderly Driver

10.29.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | BATH BEACH, Brooklyn – A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle. According to police, it happened at approximately 6:25 pm Tuesday at Benson Ave & Bay Parkway, within the confines of the 62nd Precinct. The victim is a 49-year-old woman who was walking on a crosswalk with a green pedestrian light. A 74-year-old man driving a white Toyota Suburban made a westbound left turn on Benson Ave from Bay Parkway when he failed to yield to the pedestrian and struck the woman. The driver stayed on the scene. Upon the arrival of EMS, they found her in traumatic cardiac arrest. She was rushed to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition, CPR performed. Some of her body parts remained on the scene, possibly a hand or ear. NYPD Highway’s Collision Investigation Squad was on the scene investigating. The driver was not arrested.
**Sources have told us the woman was walking with her elementary-aged son in the crosswalk who was unharmed. He is seen in the video with an adult man, possibly father or family member.