BROOKLYN: Man Arrested For Crown Heights Shooting

BUSHWICK, BROOKLYN — A man was shot at 155 Seigel St. Tuesday evening at 9:05 p.m.

The 21-year-old unidentified man was shot in his right hand and was transported to Woodhull Medical Center, where he was being treated for minor injuries. He was also uncooperative, police said.

No arrests have been made as police are currently looking for the fleeing suspect.

However, police did arrest someone later that night who supposedly matched the description of the shooter.

Bystanders were said to be confused because the man had just come home from work and was unaware of the shooting that took place minutes before his arrival.

Witness F.C., 27, said the shooting took place “two blocks” away from where the suspect, also his friend, was arrested at.

They were all standing outside looking at the scene unbeknownst to the friend, he would be targeted.

According to F.C., police searched the man’s backpack before making the arrest.

“He ain’t do nothing. He ain’t break no law. He didn’t get disrespectful. And he still got locked up,” F.C. said, adding the police arrest is ”horrible,” considering they did not give a reason for the arrest.

”They just took him in,” he said.

“You get locked up, thinking you’re coming home to take a shower, to wake up tomorrow for work, to pay bills … and you get locked up for no reason,” F.C added.

When asked if shooting around the neighborhood is common, F.C. replied, “it’s not rare.”

Video Journalist: Sherley Boursiquot