BROOKLYN: Hotel Stabber Resists Arrest

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn – Around 6:30 am on Wednesday morning, NYPD 72 Precinct units, LMC Paramedics, and a EMS buff responded to 358 38th St in regards to a stabbing with scissors. Upon arrival at the location, officers confirmed the assault. They placed the female perp under arrest. She resisted, screaming and shouting “I’m pregnant! Take me to the hospital! I’m pressing charges!” as they placed her in the police car. After hitting one of the officers, multiple officers extracted her out of the car and transferred her into a NYU Lutheran ambulance to be treated by Paramedics. She was transported to NYU Lutheran Hospital with police escort. She appeared calm & relaxed upon arrival at hospital, possibly sedated. Condition of the stabbing victim is possibly a refusal of treatment since they did not exit the hotel.