BROOKLYN: Fedex Truck Hits Pedestrian, Fights w/ Knife & Pipes

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn – A brawl between FedEx workers and funeral-goers using pipes & box-cutters resulted in one person being rushed to the hospital. This happened at 1 pm Monday within the confines of the 72 Precinct. It all started when the FedEx vehicle grew impatient with heavy traffic due to the Mosque having a funeral. According to the Mosque council member, the FedEx truck hit one of the Mosque members. That initiated the brawl which prompted the FedEx workers to grab box-cutters and pipes that were used in the fight. Windows of the FedEx truck were smashed as well. Three individuals including two male black FedEx workers were arrested by the 72 Precinct | Video Journalist: Adam Balhetchet