BROOKLYN: Double Stabbing in Kensington

9.1.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | KENSINGTON, Brooklyn – Two people were stabbed at East 2nd St & 18th Ave. It happened around 1:20 am Sunday at East 2nd St & 18th Ave, within the confines of the 70th Precinct. Sources indicated one victim stabbed in the neck and the other slashed in the face and chest. Both victims were transported to Maimonides Hospital. One of them is in serious condition. Aviation was requested to canvass the rooftops, which spotted a male perp hiding in the backyards leaning against a wall. Anticrime officers climbed over fences and apprehended the suspect. When questioned why he stabbed two people he did not respond. He later was seen cursing at police and banging his head against the window of the police car. The second suspect was reportedly arrested as well. Police were seen going in and out of Emir Place, an Uzbeki restaurant, which may be linked to the stabbing.