BROOKLYN: Arrested Teens Shut Down Feast of Santa Rosalia

8.26.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | BENSONHURST, Brooklyn – Two teens were arrested at the Feast of Santa Rosalia causing its shut-down by Police. It happened around 10:45 pm at 72nd St & 18th Ave, within the confines of the 62nd Precinct. According to witnesses, they saw many cops running when they called for backup. A black male and black female were arrested. They were wearing red bandanas around their necks indicating possible gang ties, possibly armed with a firearm, and were from Brownsville. Police requested backup twice for both arrests. A level 1 mobilization was also activated to shut down the Feast of Santa Rosalia to deescalate the crowd. Witnesses stated the teens were tased, then arrested. The suspects were transported in “cage cars” to the 62nd Precinct.