BROOKLYN: 7 Shot, 4 Dead in Illegal Gambling Club

10.12.19 | Video by Timothy Munett | CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (DCPI) – Chief of Detectives Dermot F. Shea: At about 6:55 this morning a 911 call over for shots fired at 74 Utica Avenue. That’s the location over my right shoulder. At this point what it appears to be is an illegal gambling location set up inside that first-floor location. When the first calls came over we had members of the 77 Precinct respond. I [have to] really point out a phenomenal job by the patrol response to set up a scene here, render aid to the individuals. A bit of a chaotic scene. The individuals that in fact responded had just made a gun arrest, were processing it and rand back out here. What they encountered inside this location, we have four males deceased inside. They are still at the scene. We are awaiting the Medical Examiner. We have an additional three individuals that are shot and receiving treatment at local hospitals. That’s two males and one female. Those injuries I would consider at this point non-life threatening. There was a report of an eighth person shot. That person is in fact not shot. They sustained a minor leg injury attempting to flee this location. It’s a very, very preliminary report. Our Homicide detectives are on the scene now. We have some individuals back at the 77th Precinct, and we’re trying to piece together exactly what transpired inside that location. We do have at this point, and it’s possible that it’s going to go up, two firearms recovered. There’s evidence of multiple shots fired. All appears at this time to be contained within that location. The ages of the deceased and shot range in age from 32 years of age to 49 years of age.