BRONX: NYCHA Fire Injures 3

NYCHA Fire Injures Three | 4.24.19 | by Adam Balhetchet | EDENWALD, Bronx – A fire broke out at a NYCHA complex that injured three people. This happened in the Edenwald section of the Bronx at 1:44 am Wednesday at 1154 229 Drive South. According to the fire department, firefighters upon arrival transmitted the 10-77 confirming the high-rise fire. Shortly after, an all-hands were transmitted for additional firefighters totaling 20 units and 70 firefighters who responded. Three people were injured including a firefighter and two civilians, one of which was seriously injured. a witness we spoke to saw EMS performing CPR on the victim and stated she was a middle-aged woman. Firefighters were seen throwing out a large quantity of clutter which delayed searches for victims in the cluttered apartment on the 12th floor. The fire was under control at 3:39 am. The cause of the fire will be determined by fire marshalls.