Armed Barricaded Suspect / Perris CA 8.23.20

PERRIS – On Sunday afternoon August 23, 2020 deputies with the Riverside County Sheriff Department were serving an arrest warrant in the 3600 block of Cornish Street. As deputies arrived to execute the warrant, a male adult barricaded himself inside the residence and was reported to be armed with a rifle and refusing to surrender. The Riverside County Sheriff SWAT Team was requested regarding the severity of the incident and suspect. An unknown male adult was seen being taken into custody near the residence, however, he wasn’t the primary suspect. Deputies began deploying tear gas along with concussion grenades inside the residence and began negotiating with the suspect to surrender. The suspect, who was believed to be the only remaining person in the residence, refused to comply and continued to barricade himself inside for approximately 4 hours. A Riverside County Sheriff bomb robot was then deployed after several hours of tear gas and negotiation. The suspect later emerged from the front of the house, only wearing underwear, began yelling and not complying with deputies’ orders. The suspect was then taken into custody by Riverside County Sheriff Department SWAT members without further incident. At this time it’s unknown what the original arrest warrant was for or if any weapons were found inside the residence. No reports of injuries of deputies or suspects were reported.