ALHAMBRA: Shooting Suspect Crash

Two people were transported from a crash after reports of a car to car shooting in the area. A woman called 911 after she was shot at while from a SUV while driving on Valley Blvd in LAPDs Hollenbeck Div. The female drove home and it’s uncertain if she was struck. There are reports that she was struck in the arm but they have not been confirmed at this time. The driver of the crashed SUV is also possibly the shooting suspect from a shooting call at a 7-11 on Valley Blvd. Nothing has been confirmed if the driver of the SUV has been linked to both shooting calls.
The male driver was treated at the scene and transported with handcuffs on. The passenger was trapped for about 45 minutes before being freed from the SUV. She was transported by ambulance to a local hospital.
Alhambra had a brief suspect search in the area as well. Unknown if related.