ABC TV Studios Under Siege | GLENDALE CA

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA – Armenian demonstrators took over the outside area of ABC7 in Glendale California blocking the entrance/exit with demands to Go Live and cover their story. At one point all ABC employees working the 11:00pm news shift were told by security that they could not leave the studio or grounds. As of 1:00am no ins or outs of ABC allowed. They are trying to sneak employees out a back entrance. ABC brought out an after hours news crew interviewing people and basically appeasing them so they would allow employee’s like Dallas Raines to go home, who had been there since 10am. Unknown at this time if it will affect morning news. (most likely not).

ABC became involved when a ABC cameraman was covering a protest on Wilshire Blvd and was not able to go “live” from the scene which upset the protesters sending them to ABC7 Studios in Glendale.