9 Hurricane Isaias Incidents | Bay Ridge Dyker Heights Boro Park Sunset Park Bath Beach Brooklyn

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8.4.20 | by Adam Balhetchet | SOUTHWEST BROOKLYN – Hurricane Isaias winds hit up to 40mph and downed many trees on houses and cars including power lines that were knocked down as well.

Bay 8 & Cropsey (Bath Beach) – Tree down causes arching power lines, smoking, sparkling, traffic to belt parkway slowed down, firefighters on scene, interview w/ neighbor who cut up trees
47 St & 12 Ave (Borough Park) – Tree down, power lines down, fire extends to house. Full all-hands response from FDNY
Cropsey & 15 Ave (Bath Beach) – Tree destroys outside wall of home, sidewalk destroyed
Narrows & 70 St (Bay Ridge) – Tree down, blocks traffic
Fort Hamilton & 53rd St (Borough Park) – Tree vs car
60th & 5th Ave (Sunset Park) – Tree vs cars. FDNY on scene cutting branches.
81 St & 11 Ave (Dyker Heights) – Huge tree down, blocks roadway, yellow cab unharmed.
85 St & 17th Ave (Dyker Heights) – Trees down on cars, power lines down as well
Cropsey & Bay 13 (Bath Beach) – Tree down on cars, blocking roadway

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