3 Arrested Outside of Synagogue | Crown Heights, Brooklyn

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4.26.20 | by LLNNYC | CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn – Three were arrested outside of a synagogue located at 770 Eastern Parkway. According to a tweet by Chief Monahan, the arrests were regarding social distancing violations. A local gave us an anonymous statement. He stated that a group gathers outside the synagogue three times a day, every day, ignoring social distancing rules. On one occasion, they tried breaking into the synagogue with a crowbar, also attempting to force the door open, surveillance footage from the synagogue shows. We visited the synagogue on April 20th and witnessed what the local described: A crowd gathered on both sidewalks outside the Synagogue praying and singing. NYPD had their lights on briefly, were there for a brief moment of the prayers, then drove away. 

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